Sunday, November 29, 2015

rushing christmas

Well, it's still November so I'm not behind yet even though Bubba already has mom's tree up and lit at the home.  I'm in charge of ornaments and have been "under the weather" for the past week with green snot disease and an ear infection.  The work week was usual plus holiday, one day off and the long weekend.  There is Tuesday to look forward to and that's probably when the ornaments will happen unless I get a burst of energy post-sawmill tomorrow.  Their angel is missing so I'm thinking she can use the one that the Little General gave me 30 years ago.  She is textured linen and beautiful.  For years I used Gaga's tacky thing with the tinfoil hat until one of the dogs destroyed it.  Tradition, you know.

The hardest thing for us as a family will be Christmas without either father.  Both of them loved the spirit of the season and my Dad, in particular, got all into the decorating.  He would patiently put single silver icicles on the fir tree while I pitched them up in bunches letting them land every which a way.  Their yard is filled with live white pines that were once where we gathered to open presents.  Once my youngest brother and his buddy backed over one in a truck and duct taped it back so Daddy wouldn't get mad.  UCMTSU.

I'm patiently waiting on wifi just like I patiently wait on everything because Lord knows, you can't force life unless you're a dictator.  It's still quite warm for late November, but the kudzu and basil are dead from that one frost.  No bodies visible yet, by the way.  There is a man coming to town this week who was a POW during the Vietnam war when I was, um, shall we say...heavily influenced by the counter culture at a young age.  He returned to Dyersburg and  hero's welcome which my boyfriend at the time, refused to honor.  Being young and dumb, I just followed right behind his thinking.  Looking back, I realize how much of the passion that I have for avoiding war is because of people like Col. Hughey.  When the United States goes to war, honorable citizens desire to defend our freedoms, trusting that the government has their best interests at heart.  By now, we know better.

Today is the first Sunday in Advent and I am anticipating.  How about you?

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