Sunday, November 8, 2015


  I'm fairly certain that folks at the sawmill know my bandwidth  on the web which consists of nothing much but the news and or weather when there's a spare moment.  We eat when we can, sometimes together and at other times taking a bite on the way to our next task which involves gloves and body fluids.  I tried to get blood yesterday from a baby who was obviously not doing well and felt so completely helpless.   This girl is way too old for that kind of drama.

As the blood lady I've had responsibility for stocking the shelves with all types and keeping current on methods of compatibility testing and such.  Our needs are totally supplied by an independent service in Jackson under the leadership of my old friend Joe from the Bronx. Willis G recruited him when Jack retired.  Mr. Smythe was big in the Miss America thing, remember?  Joe was coming from some prince's hospital in the Middle East with his blood banker wife and settled down to get the job done.  Do not let redcross government agencies do your blood if there are alternatives.  Just saying.  Look at what they've done with SS.

The sunset is golden, there are MORE kids on four wheelers and dinner is in the oven thanks to BG.  Life is good on many levels.  I refuse to  give in to the crabfest that is total evil.  Except with Shannon, of course because she's a special kind of bitch reserved for every day.  Own it sister.  Put a freakin'  hat on it and parade it around on the front porch with a glass of sweet tea.

So I'm mad at Amazon because they only have the entire series of Weeds in BluRay which is *not cool* around here.  The washer is running through a test load to see if it floods again which hopefully won't happen but usually does.  William is the sweetest thing and came all the way out here on his day off because he's "behind."  That is so corporate America, y'all.

Touched base with baby bro and Mo and there's lots on the calendar for all of us.  It still haunts me that I skipped out on that Christmas party at her house.  It was, indeed, the last as we knew it in the family way.  Ron has had a flare but he's fine and everybody's home from the VA in Memphis.  That's 80 miles away you know. Plus, Vietnam and Agent Orange and all that.  I have had my Bernie bumpersticker for several months now and just today slapped it on the Camry.'s been busy.

I have a lead on a car that sounds promising so let's all  manifest that for me.  At 60 it's time to not have to worry if the car will start.  Resisting the passive aggressive attempts that come my way is a real struggle, especially with family members.  That's when I just take a deep breath and think happy thoughts.  Life is a highway, or a road if you will.  The choices that we make along that road will be our legacy.

Letting go ~


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