Friday, November 13, 2015

dust in the wind

Those green and yellow combines are picking the shit out of some beans and there is much dust in the crisp autumn air.  I can actually feel the grit on my skin some days.  It is the harvest season of the last year that my father lived at home and reigned over everybody's kingdom.  And his flowers are still alive.  I'm still pretty wiped out emotionally because, well.  I don't need a reason because grief takes a toll.  Over the past month I've kind of floated along waiting for things to get better and slowly they have.  Our family is learning how to be in a different way out of necessity and devotion.  Both are motivators in the top five list.  

Work is busy because everybody's sick all the damn time plus everybody feels threatened because of the culture of pointing out each others' mistakes and failing to take ownership when it's all just a pissing match.  I would never make it as a manager because I like to retreat from reality on a regular basis.  CO will vote next year on their version single payer and it sounds pretty solid to me. A 10% tax with 3 on the insured and 7% on the employer.  It's a win win.  When you get the feds/Wall street out of something, it can only get simpler. Plus they've got all that legal weed revenue to play with.  

We still haven't had a frost and I wouldn't be surprised if it happens next week.  I was all excited about having an extra day off and figured out this morning I won't get it after all.  Precious and few, y'all.  I watch the air evac flights take off from behind our building and marvel at the capabilities that weren't there even 10 years ago.  When they started, the headquarters was behind a bunch of  nightclubs, one of which I frequented.  Well, okay both of them.  That was in my groupie days.  My brother and some partners bought the old Century 21 building and spent several years trying to make a go of it.  Everybody loved the venue and it was a good thing until Chequers dude got jealous and bought up a freakin' Christian amusement park that got sued  THEN proceeded to open a nightclub.  Don't you just know Jesus loved that? Once Barnett got cranked up and stole the business packed his house, it wasn't long until the bar of cards fell.  I'm pretty sure I caught something cleaning up that kitchen but I had a damn good time doing it.  Plus I met Jimi Jamison!   Enjoy your weekend and call your mother.  I just gave mine a holla' and offered her an update on the bean dust.  

*goggles please * 


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