Wednesday, November 18, 2015


It's time to pay the piper for being the eldest daughter and granddaughter.  Everybody's stuff from each house that has been vacated has migrated to mine or a cousin's place so we can sort and treasure.  That is precisely how my house came to be filled with all things in piles.  New windows, doors and paint are a great reason to organize and move the shit.  There is a full basement, though it leaks.  That leaves the attic with about ten ginormous steps.  I may have to hire the Budge It guys again!  Good news on the Cadi from Ann...for only six hundred bucks it will run again.  Maybe.  At least the heads weren't blown.

FB is covered with folks bickering over history refugees and meanwhile, Rome burns.  Unemployment, though much better, is still high.  Healthcare is out of reach for many and the reason the rest of us keep working past retirement age.  I'm not nearly naive enough to trust that either Medicare or SS will be there for me in 7 years so I am resigned to the fact that I'll work until I die of some stress related illness from working too much.  It's the 'Merkan way.

A friend once remarked that I seem to be negative about everything which kind of shocked me.  He said I was against Christianity and law enforcement and all things authoritarian which is true only about 10% of the time and that is when rights are trampled.  I am the lone progressive in my family as well.  Needless to say, we don't discuss politics on holidays if we even happen to all get together which is hit and miss.  My mother always made sure that every single one of us gathered at a Martha Stewart decorated table for holiday meals.  Thanksgiving is at lunch and Christmas is late breakfast complete with Gaga's cheese grits.

The power of being positive in a world filled with hatred is about all we can pray for.  It's not about who comes over our borders or if the mentally ill can steal guns from their shoot-for-fun parents.  All of this chaos is a manifestation of the devil and Satan is real.  That sneaky snake hides until people are complacent and comfortable and then strikes fear in the hearts of innocents.  If we harden our hearts based on what ISIL does, we are letting them win.  Nobody wants them to win except them.  IMO they have pissed off the wrong folks in succession and there will be hell to pay.  Bomb the sumbitches to high heaven, just no ground war because they're steady filling up suicide vests as we speak.

And always keep the faith.

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