Friday, November 20, 2015

a haute mess

Lord have mercy kids, TGIF and the sawmill is behind us.  I am more committed than ever to finding an alternate revenue stream because I can't do much more in an environment where chaos reigns.  I have too many talents that aren't recognized and respected to be doing what I do for a paycheck that just covers the bills.  Life is short and then you die.

Mali..additional carnage in the name of Allah.  Refugees: The "new" enemy.  Nobody much except for Bernie is speaking up and that's disturbing.  When I saw the number of Dems on that no refugee vote I had to wonder just how far left of Trump that they are.  One of them was from the great state of Tennessee, by the way.   Remember when all those countries had uprisings with the moniker "Spring"?  That was the birth of this current wave of unrest.  At about the same time people were also "Occupying" to protest big money control of the world.  And here we are, with more blood on our hands.

We are still a one car family but the Cadi is at least in the bay and should be available for next week's hectic schedule.  Mama is 82 today and got cards, flowers and lots of calls.  I told her we would catch up with birthday treats when I get a ride!  She could probably use some cookies from Joe's Deli or something...they are to die for, especially when warm. I've got nothing really smartassy to say because I'm feeling a lot of humility at the moment.  Let's just leave it at that and call it a week.

God is good, all the time ^j^


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