Monday, November 2, 2015

state of affairs

Oh my what a day!  Anonymous busted out some rednecks and a Russian plane may ( or may not ) have been shot down.  I was late for an appointment and picked up a prescription I didn't know was there just because.  And then I came home and had a beer or three.  I am caring for myself in a pro-active way following a several year very deep valley.  Procrastination is my devil, and one that I probably developed in response to all the details accompanying being a proper Southern young lady.  I was  and still am a free spirit just dying to fly.  When everybody else was "joining" I was listening to rock music and being well.  Different.

In high school for a stunt night I played Janis J with velvet dress, granny glasses and a hefty rendition of Mercedes Benz.  That culture was one where a lot of young people were damaged for a war that should not have been.  I admire the bravery of those there.  I also realize that many of them came back to a dismal state of affairs with new drug habits.'s history, you can read it.  The subject came up today about whether Anonymous is telling the truth or just trying to incite racial violence in reverse.  Take the high road, always. The KKK is a hateful vengeful organization based on intolerance and persecution.  They think it's like a video game.  To hell with that man.  If you are outed then prove you're innocent.  And I saw some Dems up in that list too.

I have been free from persecution because I am a middle class white woman.  I don't know how it feels to be an immigrant or ethnic mix.  My roots go all the way back to the Agees in France, I believe.  Sixty years in one idyllic location is grace appreciated and savored.  I don't have a clue who I am anymore other than should be near to retirement and not.  Healthcare has become a commodity and I'm too old for the political drama.  If you are fortunate to find somebody who cares, remember their name.  It's all about patient satisfaction y'all.  Meanwhile I Googled herpegina and was appalled at what this childhood virus can do.  Lester and I relaxed got our timeline up to date while Cash played with the animals.  He especially likes the kitty and is obviously a Mama's boy.   I think he'll be a regular and is a little younger than BabyMan which should be interesting.

The bitch cat is whining again.

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  1. Remember that it is very very hard, and sometimes impossible, to prove a negative.