Saturday, November 21, 2015


I am such a faithful writer blog addict that I come up in here everyday on Mama's keyboard with the fat yellow squares and pour my innermost thoughts out to the world.  Forgetting that I do that makes it sort of funny when I tell a story in person and somebody says "I know" and I'm like "How?"  Duh.  There's my sign.  Over the years and three different sites I have done everything from type in caps ( scream ) to weave stories from my own experiences.  Very little of it is made up because, well.  You just CAN't make that shit up sometimes.  My neighbor dropped me off to pick up the Cadi this morning and I discovered that she is originally from here.  What a small world.  I wrote a check to Patterson Brothers that equals a month's worth of rent after windows and paint.  And she is chilling in the back in front of the old barn.

So now Brussels is getting interesting in a smart sort of way where the government just shuts the whole thing down and tells everybody to stay home.   I can't wait to see what kind of shitstorm happens in this country if it comes to that.  Hey..sometimes you gotta' do what's necessary to figure out who the bad guys are.  Meanwhile the refugees are stuck in Europe because our states are refusing them.  On top of all that, Al Q is not dead and they're jealous of all the attention ISIS is getting so they're acting up.

We started watching Amy Schumer do standup comedy on cable eons ago.  I had forgotten how damn funny she is until BG got Trainwreck which also features a couple of SNL favorites.  Not everybody gets her kind of humor, but I totally do.  Most people will tell you that I march to a different drummer and I wear that like a badge of honor.  Not to be "different" or difficult but to be who I am inside the old soul that is the Poopster.  It's rainy, cold and dark and this house is dimly lit.   Time for some candles and a seance I suppose.  Anything to keep the faith, you know.

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