Monday, November 30, 2015

an open letter

While everybody else was struggling with a post-four day weekend return to work I was hanging on for dear life to be off tomorrow.  I managed to duck out early just in time to help Mama try on all her pants that no longer fit which means I'll be shopping online.  Her weight has dropped to 102 and she wears that like a badge of honor since she formerly was quite a "big girl."  She went through this phase when she started losing where we hauled all her duds to Mary Lou's house for alterations and picked 'em up after church with Daddy riding shotgun.  That was a few years ago when she dropped from 160ish to about 125.  O.M.G. What really hurts is that she blames me for not  being there all the time now when I was expressly told by staff to back off because we were volatile.  I am the devil, remember?  She is so indecisive and nice that I get worn out after about ten minutes.  Bubba says "a yes or no answer will do, Mother."  Everything has to be quantified and described and well, thought through.  As a procrastinator and former passive aggressive person I can testify that they go hand in hand.

I saw the beginning of flu season piling up in our waiting room with patients from doctor's offices that don't test coming to us.  It is a steady stream of folks in the ER and as outpatients and what I don't understand ( other than making money or pacifying a patient ) why the testing is done.  There is no cure.  Tamiflu is not affordable.  I am too old for this job.  I saw something  curled up on the light cover in blood bank today that looked like a snake and bossfriend put on an alert to the maintenance department.  Now, you're lucky to get one of these guys in the same day for a call but FOUR of them showed up with a ladder!  Meanwhile our favorite Hemo field service rep was in and out doing his thing as was the pathologist du jour.  Never a dull moment, y'all.

Once again I feel compelled to address all you gun nuts on the open carry issue.  And also on the abortion issue that shouldn't even be one because of a ruling by the SCOTUS.  And, once again, on the climate change "issue" which will shortly render us fried, flooded and windswept.  It's not Obama's fault, or Bush's.  It is what it is and if we don't buy into some evolutionary tactics pretty soon, it's zombie time.

And for that very reason....I choose faith.  

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