Saturday, November 14, 2015

we have seen the enemy

Like so many others I am in shock over the terror in Paris.   It was obviously well planned by people who believe that Allah will welcome them with open arms and lots of virgins.  Boy will they be surprised.  And once again, like in the aftermath of 9/11, all Muslims will be labeled blindly as terrorists when it is the radicals that are acting out.  We ( as in all the world ) are sitting ducks for the hatred of this so called holy war.  There is nothing holy OR honorable about killing innocents.  The politicians will argue to spend more or less on defense and we will continue to be surprised when homeland security fails us.  Radicals and extremists come in many different disguises and appeal to a specific audience, and that includes self proclaimed Christians who carry long guns and harass those who believe differently than their KJV of religion.  Terror? You bet.

The fact that these kinds of attacks are carried out internally with assistance from others all over the world is quite disturbing, just as it was for us.   It won't be long before some bozo with a  mental illness decides to strap on a suicide belt and join the carnage for one moment of fame.  When you see no way out, desperation is a mighty motivation.  We are just like Russia and France and England and all the other countries who have been targets and there is no way to win other than securing the borders and focusing on safety.  All of the political rhetoric and posturing will not change this because it is based on burning hatred of our western ways.

I write out of fear many times, and this is one of them.  I believe that this is a great country that has gone rogue on us and dropped the care of the least of these, including veterans, on the curb while the Waltons and Kochs spend billions on unfair labor practice and polluting the earth.  We did that through buying into the greed of more is more and less is not enough.  Get a bigger  SUV or truck so you can burn more carbon...yeah!  Send the chicken to China, the home of  bird flu, to be processed and then  pimp it at Kroger.  Let your right to affordable healthcare become a political mandate and give the insurance companies more power.  It's all a shell game and we are the losers.

My friend GWeez had this old saying : "Sometimes I think well.  And sometimes I think never mind."  That's about the size of  it for me right now.  Gotta' get out of my head.

Peace ~

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