Saturday, October 31, 2015

an awesome god

I was raised on traditional Methodist hymns as a part of the worship experience.  We sang them congregationally, in choirs and quartets and eventually on Powerpoint.  That was when the UMC raised up their heads from the "book" and welcomed the Holy Spirit as a mover and shaker.  The liturgy can be both comforting and annoying but there is something sacred about being in a church where other believers have set the stage for current dynamics which is still pretty much all dressed up.  Come as you are is more my style.  The only other church I've visited locally is a marriage of COC and evengelical that embraces contemporary worship.   However, I will manage to look presentable for my Daddy tomorrow.  

Luck was on my side because Diane exchanged the DVD refund and I got the last one.  I hit the RB and got American Sniper for Halloween viewing.  Scary movie, right?  There was all kinds of candy shuffling going on there at Four Points, just saying.  For the first time in days there is no gas pain in my belly.  It's funny how our priorities change like that.  

I have questions people.  Is Lamar still alive?  What about Syria?  I hear that the RNC is severing their relationship with NBC which only leaves you-know-who.  Good look with that ya'll.  Your party is so fractured it's scary.  I swear, if Ryan plays nice as Speaker I will forgive you for McConnell and Perry.  Oh, and Jindal.  Now would be the time for Rand Paul to do something huge if he is what he says he is.  His stance on pot is realistic in a state where growing conditions are ideal.  As for special ops and ISIS, it's out of my hands so there you go.  


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