Tuesday, November 3, 2015


The essence of the word, and I'd call it an adjective, is to be unknown.  Twelve steppers the world over will tell you they know that person but nothing but a first name.  In the sanctity of that sharing, there are things that could be harmful if told outside the context of group.  It's the AA equivalent of HIPPA only without the big fines.  The stigma attached to recovery from chemical dependency is one that is reserved mostly for drugs that society has not legalized or condoned except under the supervision of ( doctors who get kickbacks ) and other folks.  ER's are pretty much out of that business so save your drama for the urgent care or foreigner at the pill mill.  They're on every corner, y'all.

I jumped the gun and posted the premature outing of the KKK by you know who and got chastised roundly as was appropriate for irresponsible non-fact checking.  But here's the thing.  As digital wizards we check out the "facts" through sources that we trust.  The US government is not one of those at the moment, in  my book.  Eddie Munster sits  in Boehner's shoes and doesn't look nearly as weary yet.  This dude is  high fiving himself and the party all the way to the White House, or so they think.  Don't look now, but Bernie's gaining on ya'

Before I die I'd like to have some reconciliation with the fact that I've avoided joy most of my life out of fear that manifested itself as micro-management and control.  It wasn't until my body started showing wear and tear from the stress that I was forced to slow down and smell the coffee...or, um...the roses?  Sounds like it's time to find a therapist to read me.  We did the THP-Dyer County courthouse relay this afternoon with still not appropriate paperwork for license.  Hey.  There's always tomorrow afternoon.  I got good news from my buddy at the washer store today except I'm not sure how long it's gonna' take.  If it's not fixed by Saturday we'll just move Mama's in.

And yes, the sunset is to die for.

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