Monday, November 23, 2015

never never land

I've never been very daring when it comes to life choices.  If it's gonna' cause drama, I pretty much avoid it these days.  My friend and fellow bitch Shannon is pitching for ideas for a good yet inexpensive gift for a 21-23 year old male.  I suggested, as you guessed it.  Beer!  This woman has her hands full with more drama than any one mama should be able to take yet she still manages to crack me up on a daily basis.  There's something comforting about a friend you can call bitch as a compliment.

Ryder's puppy Maggie has been out romping lately with her daddy and BG visited with them today. They pretty much stay on that side of the golf course as if they know where home base is.  Ryder's death was yet another loss that preceded most of the human ones and it hurt just as much.  It was, however, a real joy pimping those pups.  They were born in cold weather under the floor of our barn and didn't come out for a month.  Then all of a sudden there were 9 in the flower bed tromping through mud and hearts.  That's how blessings come from tragedy.  The people that I met and bonded with and who showed compassion to me during that time are angels.

This will be our second Thanksgiving but first Christmas away from the homestead.  Mr. Administrator says no home visits for six months plus it's all scattered with stuff memorabilia and whatnot, just waiting to be explored on a snowy day.  The plan is to move the log cabin up the hill to sit on the bluff behind the dairy barn.  That way crops are not working around it and she gets to sit at the point with the most beauty of any on this farm.  My the time all is said and done, there will be a compound right here on the lane.   My new best friend is the painter named Salvador.  Nothing happens until January which is fine because I'm about to get broke.  I spent the last of what money I had left from my "inheritance" on a laptop, tablet and wireless.  If I am to ever get ahead, I need the right tools.

With that being said, I'm thankful that isis got the shit bombed out of their oil trucks, that Bernie is gaining steam and that Trump will more than likely being the butt of many more memes.  That's my story, and I'm stickin' to it.  If karma will have it, I might just get to have a voice at the sawmill.  Stay tuned.

Humility ~

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  1. hahaha! Love you, beeeyooooootch! :) xoxox Also WOOO I love the last paragraph so much.