Sunday, November 22, 2015

let's go krogering!

We've been pretty much eating out because the things we have in-house require too much prep and there's no dishwasher.  Thus, the joy of finger foods.  Taking my time and fully expecting to see my brother I went light except for the ingredients for the famous triple fudge chocolate cakes that shall be made soon.  I'll start with 4 and see how that goes.  We did, indeed, meet up in the meat department where we discussed our Thanksgiving plan among other things.  Everybody is scurrying around scooping up what they need to avoid another trip.  Wore my old ass out!  I saw old friends there and they looked as tired as me and Bubba.  Hell...everybody's tired.  Enough with the drama.

Mama was getting dressed when I stopped by and we chose an outfit from among her many, with an eye on the freezing temperature.  No wind though, so it's good.  Over the past five years I've seen her be rushed out the door to a church service way too early for her.  Lots of "spells" over that kind of bullying.  But here's the thing.  Daddy could not help what happened to his brain.  Dementia, particularly chemically induced like his, comes in a lot of different shapes.  His was OCD and control.

Mom has always been the peacemaker..a buffer between her fear of confrontation and Daddy's rage.  He softened after BG was born and they had so many good times together when she was little.  LP, he called her.  And none other than Max and Sally started that nickname.  My neighbor has her mother living there plus a house full of cousins.   She gave me a ride to pick up the Cadi and we discovered that we, too, have ties to the past.  Funny how that works sometimes.

As for you FB trolls, just know that I'm past being mad and am now just sad but you don't scare me or even make me think.  Cut and paste rants are a coward's way out when a real discussion is  in progress.  That means you TOz and also CAE.  At some point in dialogue when one side strikes out at "the other", nobody really has a chance to be in the middle.  Do y'all not see how that works???  A gentleman from long ago offered to bury one in my honor this week.  I thought that was mighty sweet.

So...I'm still letting Anonymous get my interest when I should know better by now.  If the big outlets don't run your news, it's not been fact checked or it's just plain dangerous.  That being said, anybody who is out at major crowd type events any freakin' where right now better be prepared to run.  Just saying.  That's why you'll find me here on Pecan Lane with my tribe.

Love ~

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