Thursday, November 19, 2015

it's a beautiful day

When I was a young hippie my favorite song was White Bird.  Years later, I heard it in the soundtrack of a movie with Diane Lane and remembered being young and all caught up in something I didn't really understand other than everybody was pissed and a lot of people got shot, much like present times.  It hurts my soul to realize that the devil is alive and well and actually gaining on us.  The co-dependent in me asks "do I do enough?" while the realist whispers "do your part."  My loyalty is fierce and true and goes away quickly when no respect is shown.  Just call it an old woman thing

My friend Linda Sue gave me a ride home today and we stopped by to meet James and look at her new floors.  Her family is home to not one but THREE calicos, a black cat and Daisy.  And probably a few more out back.  We even made a pit stop at Raceway, the home of expensive beer and cheap gas.  I hear the Forked Deer is flooding and the wreckers have been running pretty steady up at Patterson Brothers so the Cadi still isn't fixed.  One more day, says Ann.  The land shark will pimp again!

We were talking about holidays today and I realized that I've worked every one of them this year which is probably why my life seems all jumbly and run together.  Or maybe it's just the sheer magnitude of grief that still weighs us down, a family.   Last Thanksgiving both my mama and her sister were residents at a nursing home close to the sawmill.  Bubba and Mo catered Cracker Barrel into the conference room which was already stacked with Christmas decorations.  I was working ( for time and a half ) and walked over to join everybody for lunch.  I'm not sure who picked Daddy up from the house, but he was there.  All of Debbie's children and some of Mo's were present with their own broods and it was a sight to behold.  It seems much longer than a year.  

LS and me passed the cemetery this afternoon and I do believe I spotted a foundation for Billy (ie) G's stone.  Tomorrow is Mama's birthday so y'all all give her a call or a card.  She likes that kind of thing.  If I have a car I will show up for the birthday party.  If not, I'll call a cab.  

Integrity ~ 

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