Monday, November 9, 2015

a day off with chores

The washer is still sick so I took the giant loads down to Mama's house so as not to totally kill mine before William can get the seal on.  While I was there I wiped down the perpetually sticky counters just because I could.  Those counter tops always drove me crazy piled with papers and coated with jelly.  The floors are sticky too.  The petunias that Daddy planted ( and Lori and I REplanted ) are still alive and I have a pot in my back yard as well.  I found a little flag that he had stuck in pots and it will go on his grave for
Veteran's Day.  I'm still in that mood where if I don't have to show up for something, I'll stay home.   I guess I could be agoraphobic or something.  Nah, just content.

There is a local guy who is sharing the photography collection of the late Dick Flowers and it's amazing what he has scanned.  I remember Mr. Flowers, husband of Josephine Sigman, and his quirky spirit.  My senior class got to be the lucky ones with him for pics and we were all posed with fake trees!  That entire family is a big chapter in the history of our 'burg.  Brother Bill owned the oldest hardware store in Tennessee and Betty worked there after retirement as a med tech.  She was my teacher at John Gaston all those years ago.   Miss Charlene taught me piano lessons at 7:30 freakin' thirty in the morning.  That's when I quit.

It is still an eerie feeling to be wandering in that old house without the grands in position.  I found Daddy's 2015 date book and he had chiro appointments recorded all the way up through his hospitalization.  Plus there was a notation of where "lunch with the boys" was every Wednesday.  The Round House was his favorite.  Mom is well enough now to get back to Angel's for her hairdo and Tippi will take her tomorrow.  That should give the girl a whole new outlook.

It's quiet and I love it.  Out here you can actually hear the birds and whatnot without a lot of background noise unless a plane takes off or helicopter flies over.  And that, is why I'm still here with new doors and windows on the way.  Thank you sweet baby jeebus!

Forward ~

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