Monday, November 16, 2015

riding the wave

For months on end the news has been covered with a refugee crisis so huge that people are willing to risk their lives at sea and borders to get away from the bad guys.  That is how terror works best....divide and conquer.  The generation that is now training for jihad has no memory of happier times with less conflict because it has always been thus and so for them.  They claim to be fighting a war, but they are simply bullies wielding their power like the fat guy on the schoolyard who can crush you just because.  There is a long streak of paranoia up in there as well and somehow they trust each other explicitly to carry out "the mission" probably because it is easy picking  with civilians to brand your terror.

Mexico is not our friend and never has been.  They used the idiotic drug policy of this country to mainline all things pharma via train plane and coyote. Ditto for guns.  I read a piece today that mentioned Turkey calling out one of the Paris bombers not once but TWICE to French authorities over the past year.  This kind of information sharing is vital if the madness is to ever stop.  If your government can't afford the homeland security to do that, ask Trump for a loan.  It would make a great campaign story.

I don't blame Bush for everything and certainly not our POTUS but I do lament the fact that they both had chances to do the right thing and didn't.  Had the "conflict" in Iraq been settled quickly instead of politically correctly and with much financial gain to Halliburton, we would have all been for it.  Instead we have a generation of folks who signed up to protect and serve our country and who now have their benefits cut.  They returned to a post-08 crash world in which there were very few jobs and the economy was tanked.  Everybody is an armchair politician these days and there is still a dangerous division between parties.  That's what is so refreshing about having a choice like Bernie.  So what if he's a Socialist?  It would take a hundred years to undo the financial protections that are the government propping up Wall Street.

Brother called with an estimate of rent increase for windows/doors/paint and I'm looking at probably an additional 150.  This was once a nice house and so it shall be again.  Maybe I'll write a book and make a million.  No diagnosis on the Cadi yet as they are short one mechanic and behind because *sigh* Monday.  I showed up at work to a shitstorm this morning and moved my ass like I haven't in a very long time. I knew the slow spell wouldn't last.

Faith ~  

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