Tuesday, November 10, 2015

hump day eve

And almost Veteran's day as well.  My daddy has a little flag that was his planted in the dirt next to his grinning face picture.  If the weather co-operates tomorrow, we will pick out a stone and mark that off the list of to dos.  I feel sure the job will be done before winter.  There is still no grass on top except for a tuft of Bermuda.  Mom hasn't been back since the funeral but then I didn't either for a long time.  He is not there, but in our hearts and souls.  She got her hair did and had lunch with high school classmates so she's about worn out.  I stopped by between work and work to deliver clothes and  Cherry Limeade from Sonic, our new favorite thing to share.  I sucked mine down on the way to a staff meeting.  

The meetings are mandatory and people have to bring their kids to be able to attend so we've watched them grow up.  My newest little friend is Victoria, dark of skin hair and eyes and full of joy.  Her mama is a workhorse and sweetheart.  Not even 2, she can do ABCD and Ooooooh.  Loves Barney and purple or blue anything.  She never cried or squirmed like most of them do when they're little and have to mind..  A perfect little lady, she sat  ( and crawled ) on her mother's lap and seemed to be watching the powerpoint on occasion.  That's where the stats live along with piles of papers for read and sign.  

Another friend brings her son every morning for school delivery and we embarrass the fire out of him by hugging him and being loud.  Matty is a very quiet soul unless he's in the zone and then he talks so fast the words run together.  His mama has eased into a job that was tough to fill and has done it flawlessly with the aid of patient elders.  I tend to forget that they're all so much younger than me but I do feel their pain at times.  One of the pregnant ER nurses told me today she didn't think she'd make it 'til her due date because.....running.  Ayep.  That, we do.  Concrete is tough on the old joints.  

While killing time out in this beautiful day I stopped by Hastings and discovered that used Weeds episodes are only five bucks each.  I spent that on a pack of cigarettes, I'm ashamed to say.  With improvements to the house will come more pride in  non ownership and a great big sigh of thank you to Big Ernie for all the blessings that flow.  They are many, if only we stay still enough to think of them.  

Faith ~


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