Thursday, November 12, 2015


We  picked out a stone for the grands Daddy today and it seemed like a reasonable tribute to a lovely couple only half of whom are deceased..  Their love was fierce, and still is.  I tried to play like " I need to go home" and she called Bubba on me resulting in a lot of  yelling and the eventual purchase of said stone, as of tomorrow morning.  He told me he wanted to do it on a Friday but noooooooo....

I am at a point in life where I see the devil incarnate at every turn because, dude is tricky and preys on greed and pride.  At 60 I have lived long enough to recognize the times in my earthly life that evil was around.  Sometimes I gave in, and other times I stood strong.  I have never EVER thought that things were bad enough to go suicidal.  A proper southern upbringing wouldn't allow for that kind of mess.

Since we have no live TV I had to Google the debate today to see who said what and it sounds like more of the same except Rand the Lib came out talking a bit more like a contender.  Carson, Trump....fluff.  Rubio is a possible because umm.  Meanwhile back here in the great state of Tennessee our Republican government fails to expand Medicaid and accept federal money for the least of these, like veterans. Also, the pastor of a mega-church in NC is living in a home provided UNTAXED valued at a  million plus dollar off the tithes of the faithful.  I don't care if you're a snake handler or an asshat.  Anybody who lives that sort of lifestyle owes the government that pays for basic human services like homeland security and healthcare.  It ain't free kids.  It made my heart swell to see the firefighters of the DFD douse that old building on the square just a week after saving the bean crop.  Love me some cute firemen, just saying.

Speaking of visitors, Bubba and some buddies dropped by yesterday to discuss the window situation and show me the VA plaque.  There was a storm blowing up and I watched until the monsoon came as those tractors and combines worked to beat it.  They lost around dark, by the way.  I watched a few more episodes of the young Botwin Newman clan and drifted on off.   Next week I get to sleep a bit later thanks to budget cuts.  That is also the reason there are no ink pens or markers, paper towels and a few other things.'s almost the holidays y'all...where's my ham??

I read a bizarre story today about an 8B healthcare startup that partnered with Safeway to offer clinics with "cheap blood tests" as a value added piece.  The 350M dollar deal represented half of Safeway's revenue for that year.  Now, correct me if I'm wrong but how the HELL does a 19 year old get that kind of capital for a venture of any kind unless they're Trump's kid.  That was 12 years ago and I remember my early 30s enough to know that it's a time when a lot of folks lose who they were and turn into who they will be.  And you know what?  That never stops if you're a big girl.

Tonight's meal will be pork loin baked with brown sugar and pineapple. BG is headed back to Lake Co soon so she's trying to get the house caught up for us.  We can do tiny loads on speed wash thanks to William and we are current with propane guy.

Don't ever forget who you are ~

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