Saturday, January 21, 2017


Why yes I was at the sawmill today!  And it was busy!  No surprises there at all.  If Tiff hadn't brought doughnuts nobody would have eaten.  I tried heating up a frozen thingie and it smelled funny and was gummy so I passed.  In my next ORDERLY life I'll take my lunch with me.  Breakfast too.  I spent close to 50 bucks a pay period on whatever choices there are with our food service.  It's closed after 1:30 and all weekend.  

Patrick did, indeed, come and set the mailbox for me because it was a warm winter sunset and the colors were to die for.   I'm amazed at how much clearer they were from the road because I'm always just kind of looking from the hill.  He has a new job and Bev has none but that's all good.  Sam and Oscar played while he worked.  Their dog Libby is Oscar's girlfriend and he visits daily.  Unlike Larry who tried to eat the chickens!!

I feel myself coming up out of a very deep depression slowly but surely and it's lasted close to a year.  I'll never forget talking to BabySister about it after Mama passed and she relating how Mrs. Schlesinger said to her gently "but honey...your motha' just died. "  She and Annie held on to me tightly during those first few months and then Babe's husband died later in the year.  She now gets her hair done and plays bridge at the home.  Good for her!

There are women marching all over the world today for our rights in an atmosphere of disrespect from society.  Hear us roar, y'all.  I couldn't help but notice how beautiful the first lady looked during the shindig but then she's got the resources to be that way 24/7.  The older kids look shell shocked and Barron is trying to figure out how he got there.  So are the rest of us.

It is what it is and I have no power.  Sometimes I think I need some Adderol or something because I can't seem to focus on much of anything for long, wandering from here to there in a piddly fashion and touching things more than once which is a nono according to Gigi.  If you don't want it, pitch it.  

My first fire of the spring will include the seriously cute chair from the shack that two dogs destroyed by eating the arms off.  I'm talking vintage cute chintz *sigh*.   The doors and windows are open and I can hear planes flying over and golfers cussing.   We're only one month into winter so it won't last but it's nice to hear peepers in January.  

Calm ~

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