Saturday, January 14, 2017

dirty jobs

I slept in a bit today and took my time slowly waking laying there thinking about all sorts of things.  I was in and out of dreams and for some reason replayed the great flood of 2010 in my head.  That was the headwater that trapped us here.  I was off that day and got a call about 10am from my brother that the water was coming up quick because there had been about ten inches of rain from Nashville west.  The Mississippi was close to or over flood stage so when that water hit the Forked Deer it had nowhere to go.  Lauren and I went to town for supplies and I passed the neighbor and told her to get OUT with the kids.  I assumed hubby would go with them.  

By the time we returned less than an hour later, Samaria Bend was impassable by car.  I asked Mr. Smith if I could leave my car there at his shop because it never gets up in there and we caught a ride in the back of Clara's county work truck with James Frank.  Mozella was up front with Clara.  I swear to you, that truck floated.  Donna Webb was there with Newt and they were wanting to bring the horses up to higher ground at my house.  

 Clara got us delivered and shortly after Mr. Smith called to say the water was about to get our cars!  Oh boy.  Should have left the keys in it.  Soooooo...I noticed that a pickup truck had gone to the neighbor's house and I hoofed it down there to catch a ride out to the highway.  When I arrived I found the truck door open and a screaming baby in the back seat.  I had never been in the house while this bunch lived there so I crept up to the door and hollered for help.  The neighbor and the baby's daddy were doing lord knows what but I asked for a ride when they left.  Dude pulled up in the driveway and honked shortly after.  Me and Lauren piled in the back of yet another truck.  This time, the driver was an idiot and almost killed all of us cutting through a muddy field at 50 mph to get to the golf course road.  I was ready to jump when we finally hit pavement and I'll be damned if we didn't have to go through the deepest part of the water anyway.  Dumbass.  

So the cars got moved but we had no way home.  I called my buddy Heath and he brought us through in his truck one last time.  The next vehicle that went through was a tractor and then it was too deep even for that.  The details are fuzzy.  I stayed with Gigi and BG stayed with somebody else so we could get to work.  It took a week for the road to become passable.  Meanwhile, James Frank took daddy in a boat up to the bypass to catch a ride to Dr. Guthrie.  You seriously can't make this shit up.  

I had a short list and forgot that the post office opens at 9 so I went from there to Lowe's for quickrete.  I have mom and daddy's mailbox and seriously need to get it in the ground.  Back to the post office for stamps and then onward to the gentral.  I left the house with a shovel and a box determined to move my daddy's fuschia colored peonies to my yard.  To say I'm out of shape for that kind of work is an understatement.  After much cussing, self motivational speeches and a visit from daddy's spirit, I finally got the clump out of the ground and into the trunk.  Where it still sits, by the way.  I figure i'll pay a kid 20 bucks to do the mailbox and get to the peonies tomorrow.  I was tempted not to make that last stop at Casa Grands but I know me and if I hadn't done it then, it would not have happened.  Room for the spirit to work, so to speak.  

At the crossover on Samaria Bend this morning I stopped and gawked at a convoy of humvee looking vehicles streaming north on 51 and wondered if it was guard weekend or the army's here.  You never know.  I hear their blackhawks over at the airport from time to time.  It's a distinctly different sound from the Air Evac that runs over my roof daily.  

Mamye found a super dooper deal on NICE crockpots at Kroger and just so happened to find one with Steve's Broncos logo on it.  Before they came to visit she asked if I wanted one ....Steelers.  I told her I didn't care if it had Trump's face on it, for fifteen bucks bring it on.  Which she did, and a good time was had by all.  I was wore ass out and they headed home shortly after.  

Baby steps ~

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