Thursday, January 19, 2017

gloom and doom

I spent the majority of today cleaning and washing clothes until time for a work meeting.  My plan to sleep in worked so well that I didn't roll out until 11am.  I'm trying desperately to shake my routines up so that I don't fall into that hopeless trap of not having anything to look forward to.  The solitude that I craved during all that time of drama now seems lonely at times. Thank goodness for my furbabies.  

I logged into TurboTax to get a jump on Monday and found that now charge for the privilege of including a 1099 in their "free" edition.  I have two of those by the way.  Honestly I'm not in any hurry because I won't get much back and I owe them anyway for not reporting said 1099 two years ago.  It's all a racket.  I'll be lucky to break even because I'm a single tax filer with no dependents or deductions.  

I have started a conversation with an author who is interested in the entire community here around Samaria Bend.  It's a cool story that spans generations and includes things like a one room schoolhouse that was on the Johnson property.  I can't tell you how many folks shared with me about living out here back in the day.  I suppose we were a suburb of Southtown.  

The most precious one was Mrs. Mary Crawford who stood in the dining room and remembered her sister almost dying during childbirth in that spot.  She was four years old at the time and said she'd never seen her daddy so scared.  Mr. Joe Hager also lived here at some time or another and he used to drive by now and again.  It's kind of like memory lane for a lot of people.  

Y'all play nice and have a group hug.   Onward ^j^

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