Friday, January 27, 2017

click it or ticket

I was cruising on the way home oblivious to the world when lo and behold a trooper came out of nowhere on me right across the tracks on South Main.  I am faithful about wearing my seat belt when not doing the in and out of the car thing around town.  And that's what gets you busted by officers who are on a mission.  One of these days I'll learn.  I sat there forever watching traffic whiz by and staring into the Forked Deer river bottoms waiting for him to do the paperwork.  The cost has gone from 10 bucks to 25 so as to make more money for crime fighting like in my case.  He looked new....I know most of them.  
Halfway home I couldn't find my license and turned around to go find him and there he was in almost the same spot with some other poor sucker.  Bonus!  I walked up to his car and he assured me he had returned the license...look again m'aam.  On returning to the car I found it dropped into the drink holder from where he had put it inside the ticket and it fell out.  Trooper 2-Poopie 0.  

I was sure after all that I had missed the ATT service call to check out my internet outage.  When I came in I went to clear out the corner and noticed that the modem lights were all green?  Hmmm.   It must have been an outside thing.  Who am I to question serendipity.  So now I'm finally home and all the bitch cat can do is whine and knock shit off the table because the dogs ate her food. The trick is to not give her much so she won't leave it for them to inhale.  Oh, and she munches on dog food herself.  Just saying.

So, I'm home and settled for the day which feels pretty good at 3PM, homebody that I am.  I visited a classmate of Daddy's today and though she's 85 she still is more beautiful than I ever thought of being.  Even got a kiss!  She fell out while preparing to perform with her music group.  She's hoping the pacemaker will give her some pep back.  

Yesterday's problem carried over into today and it pretty much is what it is.  We have come to see medicine as the answer to everything like the healthcare profession will always have the answers, no matter what.  Sometimes the science just outpaces our ability to have a definitive truth.  There's lots of grey up in there.  

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend, especially me.  In fact, it's time to burn some sage and own it.

Adios ~

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