Monday, January 16, 2017

in the beginning

Today's totem was hawk, soaring and swooping ahead of the Camry as I headed down the lane in the darkness.  He seemed to be leading me so I took the message and moved onward.  I never know who reads what that I post just that there's a lot of them and I ran into a friend today who was asking about the reconstruction.  She didn't realize that there were two projects I've been writing that my friend is doing downtown and the other at the house where my parents lived.  Both are fascinating.  

The sun came out for about five minutes while I was at the chicken store and all I could do was say praise Jesus.  When I woke this morning I should have been raring to go what with the weekend sleep fest but I felt achy and tight...especially the knee.  That didn't stop me from burying the peonies though.  I'm not big on hole digging so it was a little small but I stomped the clump down and covered it with dirt.  If they don't make it, it wasn't meant to be.  I 

My next project will be the mailbox so I'm hoping Patrick will help me with that.  I've got the stuff and there's even already a hole which is why the old one leans sideways.  The seriously cute mailman won't know what to do when there's an honest to god regulation box out there!  The front and back doors of the damn thing constantly fall out.  

Out of respect for Dr King I will refrain from anything political today except that which embraces freedom and equality.  And let me say, by the way, that John Lewis is my new hero.  The Donald is getting tweeted to death by those who took offense to his comments on their neighborhood.  SMH.

Think happy thoughts and always keep the faith ^j^

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