Saturday, January 7, 2017

long winter's nap

In spite of my fierce resolve to NOT go out in the ten degree weather I was forced to make a 'gentral run for cat food because Lily is not a happy camper when we're out.  It's so bright out there with the snow and quite pretty with a backdrop of deep green winter wheat.  And oh the redbirds how they stand out!

I slept for 12 hours again and it was glorious to sleep deeply and be able to breathe.  I have running water which is something a lot of people can't say at this point in time.  We discovered a couple of weeks ago when it froze in spite of my constant dripping that the heat lamp on the pump was out.  Problem solved by Greg Collier who actually thawed me out with a blowtorch one winter. On a Sunday, no less. 

The snow reminded me of Mama's last days. When she was in the hospital for the last time my brother had to outrun a winter storm to get here.  On her last day, I had 9 kinds of trouble getting deiced and to work but I made it.  BG was working at the home and all the day shift people called in so she had to stay over and help get the residents up and fed.   She piled up in the chair next to Memaw and they both slept peacefully while the snow fell.  You can't take that kind of memory away.

She has a new life now that began at Aspell Recovery Center just a few months later.  Her hotel experience has landed her a job at one in Jackson.  This chick worked the graveyard shift at our local Best Western for three years and commuted to UTM to get a BSW.  Talk about "you gotta' wanna"  The one she worked at previously in the 'burg is now a CVS that nobody goes to.  It won't last a year.

The talking points these days on the right seem to be like make america great again and bring god back into our country etc.  News flash kids....God never left.  I'm pretty sure he's just shaking his head at all the idolatry and planning some sort of catastrophic event the day of Trump's inauguration show.  If I had a dollar for every Republican who would ask for a re-do of what they made happen, I'd be in Fiji.  Think before you vote.  When Boehner left the lead position, I knew it was all downhill.  
Here's what's on the table more or less.  Repeal of the ACA with no workable alternative.  Overturning Roe v Wade.  Dicey foreign relations with just about every superpower in the world.  Lorna and I discussed yesterday about how to maintain serenity with all this looming.  It's hard to stay peaceful but worrying never solved a thing.  I just hope it's quick when the end comes.  

Tomorrow is Epiphany Sunday which was an unknown to me until the year I attended a service and really listened to the meaning.  Just as the wise men followed that star to the stable, we must all follow the star that leads how we live our lives.  Never lose sight of hope, and always do the next right thing.


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