Wednesday, January 25, 2017


It's amazing how I've changed during the past year.  I've gone from being freaked the eff out that I'm not good enough to realizing my own worth as a healthcare provider all the while taking into consideration how fractured the system of care delivery is.  If you don't believe it, spend a few months in the hospital or rehab that your "insurance" covers.  Factor in several EMS transfers to and from rehab to hospital to doctor's office.  For two.  For five years.  It damn near killed me but I'm still kicking.  The sawmill is what it is and that's out of my control.

So Trump's still busy building walls and pissing people off which is kind of worrisome so early in a term.  WTF is the voter fraud thing about may I ask?  See: Florida and Jeb's brother.  Also Rick Scott, Bill Frist/HCA and Terri Schiavo.  There is no governmental right to life when someone is in a vegetative state as long as there is a qualified DPA, which her husband was.  Big Ernie will get you for that one.  

Hmmm..what else?  My friend Trisha is recovering from a minor illness that seems to be resolving itself as we speak.  I love this girl y'all.  I ran into my favorite nurse over at the other place today and discovered that her mama is none other than Judy!  Small world.  I talked to Bubba for the first time in a week or more.  That's when Mamye and Steve showed up.
It's cold again and that's normal.  Those peepers sure were nice though.  Always be faithful in life ~

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