Monday, January 2, 2017

like a good neighbor

Pat and Beverly have been awesome neighbors ever since they moved in.  They keep me supplied with country eggs and share meals whenever they do it up big.  He brought me some peas and cornbread yesterday for luck. They have also give me rides when the weather or the ornery Camry are not good.  They shared produce from their large garden all summer long and keep a watch on the traffic out here.  I seriously could not be more blessed.  

The crud is a tiny bit better this morning following a 14 hour nap.  It's been a very long time since I've been this sick so I am laying low and being kind to self.  Tax time is around the corner....I read that the 23rd is opening day for filing.  TurboTax already has me hooked up by email.  I owe the IRS several hundred bucks on some unreported income from 2013 so I'm assuming they'll take that off the top.  I can no longer file as head of household so that will hurt.  Millions of Americas are looking at losing insurance via a Trump repeal of the ACA.

I just heard the rest of the story on the Christmas houses that I gave my buddy.  He surprised wifey AND both kids by having them set up with their elves one morning. You cannot make this shit up.  Continued prayers for this family, if you will.

We haven't seen the sun in days and it will be several more with snow in the forecast end of week.  Bring it on....I've got rock salt.  Y'all be careful out there.  

Peace ~

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