Wednesday, January 11, 2017

duck season

I  live in a sort of wildlife sanctuary surrounded by the Forked Deer river.  There are only one or two who have permission to hunt and one is all about the ducks.  Thus....BOOOMMM!   Tis the season.  I heard them shooting as I was outside cleaning the car and carrying in supplies from the 'gentral.  

Meanwhile, I returned a call from someone whom I only recently met but who is my kind of gal.   We discussed everything from career options to family history.  Then Mamye called and we made a pact to catch up after their doc's visit.  Therefore, I've accomplished nothing except one load of clothes.  Hey...the day is young.  

I've been tripping over season 3 of House of Cards considering the current state of our affairs in the USA.  I honestly have the soundtrack as an earwig.  I've read all sorts of insults and tributes following the last official speech of our President.  I admire him tremendously.  While I disagreed with the level of troop drawdown in the Middle East and the corporate bailouts, I think he has done the right thing most every time, or at least tried.  A Republican congress is a nasty battle to fight.  McConnell will die someday a lonely angry old man and I'll just say "bless his heart."  

Having a bonus day.  And loving it ~

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