Thursday, January 5, 2017

flurries and brine

I had a post almost ready to publish yesterday and ERASED it by mistake.  I've done that before and just say eff it...i'm such a rambler I could never remember what I just wrote.  I do remember mentioning myself as a survivor of the creeping crud finally.  Today was even better.  My friend likened it to being in a coma for several days which I totally was.  The Walking Dead, viral edition.  

I passed the brine sprayer on the way home because there's a slight chance of snow.  In my experience it doesn't seem to help much but it's better than nothing I suppose.  I'm usually one of the first on the road so I make my own tracks and go slow.  It's probably too soon to declare success but I think the tumeric is helping with my knee inflammation.  Shoulder too.  Time will tell.

It's pretty quiet now that the hoopla of the holidays is over.  This, I don't mind one bit.  I'm just shy of being a recluse anyway so it suits me fine to stay in and piddle.  The silence of no Larry is strange but welcome.  I tried my best but he was just too much dog for me and the rest of the pack.  My Pollyanna self believes that he will be adopted or at least fostered to have a chance to be the good dog he is.  He needs a fenced area to run, for sure.  That car chasing is a no win.  

Yesterday's post also had a healthcare rant included which I won't go into again because it's out of my control and raises my BP.  Expect a surge in ER visits soon after the ACA is repealed.  The entire industry is built like an upside down pyramid with the money making part on the top long end.  That little tip at the bottom is preventive services and wellness.  When these benefits are offered at no cost it's a huge investment in curbing future diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure which cause just about every other health condition known to man.  End stage renal disease is particularly rampant in our area due to a predominance of diabetes.  The end of life care costs for these types of patients are out the roof.  Same for cancer care.

Today's quote from Yaya's tiny calendar:  "Above all be the heroine of your life, not the victim."  Nora Ephron

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