Tuesday, January 24, 2017

dumbass of the day

That would be me, of course.  I stopped at the chicken store and paid for gas and drove right off without pumping it.  Five minutes later I was back up in there after hollering "shit" real loud as I did a U-turn on the lane.  In that five minutes, some random person enjoyed ten dollas' worth of free gas on me.  I hope it was somebody who needed it.  I even had the receipt but nooooo.  Now an honest person would go in the store and make it right.  Whoever swiped the gas was more than likely watching as I drove off with the cap popped open.  Golden opportunity.

I did that one time with a buggy full of groceries from Kroger but fortunately they were still on the curb when I got back.  Speaking of which I can't wait 'til payday so I can buy some healthy food.  And some peach pecan.  I was in the middle of passing the afternoon of the anniversary of mama's passing yesterday when I got some news that pretty much floored me.  Not what I expected to hear, by any means.  It's all good.  We keep the faith around here.  

Carry on my wayward son...

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