Tuesday, January 3, 2017

too little too late

I've worked in a hospital for 40 years and seen the practice of medcine go from an overnight stay on the insurance companyfor a "checkup" to being scheduled weeks in advance for a procedure.  At that time health insurance was a fully employer paid perk and the ones who didn't have that could access care through Medicaid or Medicare.  I mean, back then you could afford to pay for a CBC out of pocket.  

I am seriously worried about the future of healthcare in this country.  The very things that make it hard to deal with like big pharm and insurance only thrive in a political environment like that of Trump et al.  I suppose he could buy the rest of that Chinese billionaire's stock and save our jobs.  

Preventive care, wellness, nutrition and spiritual awareness are all important for your health.  Alternative medicine though pooh poohed by some, actually worsks, especially cannabis. It's science ya'll.  Gah.

The blinds are about to be closed so I can't see the dreariness of this day which looks exactly like the last two.  I think I'll make a sun and paste it on the window!!!

Roll with it baby ~

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