Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Lerd, what a day.  It was busy from start to finish so it's a good thing I left my badass phone at home.  It was sort of free feeling to not be tied to the outside world by the devil.  It has rained all day long and is blowing like a hurricane but in the 50s so I'll take it and say thank you.  My friend's husband was in a terrible wreck a couple of months ago and I saw her for the first time since I met her in the ER parking lot.  She showed me video of Rodney dancing with his therapist and playing piano.  God is good.  All the time.  

Shortly before I left I answered the work phone and was greeted by none other than WW Council's grandson Hiya.  I last saw him when his mother was a patient.  He didn't know Mom had died and was sad to hear it when he expressed condolence for Daddy.  Said he always liked him.  He and his brother spent their childhood running this farm as did my brothers.  

The mayor called last night for her B12 shot so I moseyed on down there in the rain to shoot her up.  Her house is always locked up tight but the door was open and it was dark so I just hollered and wandered on back.  I found her in the "warm" room watching TV.  She struggled with her cane to get out of the recliner and show me where the stash was.  I had already run into the owner of my final resting place, Gerald.  His and Danny's dogs got in a fight and he tried to break it up.  Guess who has cellulitis.

Sage burning aside, I feel the karma in my life moving to a more positive level.  I refuse to harbor hate no matter how heinous the act may seem.  I don't want to hear about people dismembering their babies or Republicans freaking out on the news.  I want happy shit, by golly.  As for Trump, I figure that orange hair will make him an easy target.  Remember when everybody was all freaked out about Y2K?  I see inauguration night as being like that.  

Be gentle with your soul ~

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