Monday, January 9, 2017

my heroes

Lorna and I met quite accidentally through a mutual friend who just KNEW we would be soul sisters.  While I've plodded along working for corporate she has traveled the world.  It soon became evident to me that one of our biggest bonds was living in pecan orchards.  Her's is all up front. The one I enjoy lines the road.  Notice I didn't call it "mine".   She has three children and her son is a man with vision way beyond his years.  I stopped by his restoration project this afternoon and got an upclose and personal look at that brick and red concrete.  The ceilings gleam with piping against original metal ceiling tracks.  According to his mom, he and his sister caught the technology bug from their dad Horace.  

Chris was the facilitator for a class we attended a couple of years ago called CoStarters.  It was a well put together set of instructions and training exercises focused on defining a business goal and making it happen.  I don't know about ya'll but I'd love nothing more than to give corporate my notice and pursue a dream.  Through that interaction with local business professionals I could actually see the possibilities in my life.  And then all those people started dying.  

I know at times it seems that I make excuses. The truth is, I know my limits and pick my battles.  Long ago I recognized procrastination as a passive aggressive behavior.  Maybe if I just did a primal scream or two I'd get something done.  

And just bless all our hearts ~

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