Thursday, January 12, 2017

mad enough to spit

Healthcare is the number one industry in the great state of Tennessee.  Bob Corker is a "moderate" Republican who put forth an amendment during Senate hearings on repealing the ACA.  His amendment proposed putting off the deadline for dismantling the ACA until at least March in order to find a workable replacement for the millions who will be affected.  There were lots of amendments put forth, and in the end he WITHDREW his.  So much for moderate.  Tennessee is the home to corporate headquarters of some of the giants in the healthcare sector as well as to Blue Cross Blue Shield.  One would think that it would be a priority to prop up the business a bit with things like accepting Medicaid money but noooooo.  That was nixed from the get go.  Corker had a chance to at least make a statement to his fellow party members and he bricked.   That being said, I'll take him over Alexander any day.   It's a short rant...and it is what it is. As a healthcare provider I'm curious to see what "replace" looks like. 

While I'm disheartened by the state of things, I realize that it's out of my control.  If I hear one more person call Medicare and Social Security "entitlements" I'll probably climb the water tower.  I've been paying for those future benefits my entire career.  They are not a handout but money that the federal government has forcibly taxed me with and I expect them to be there.  In 2016 alone, I paid over 3K in SS and almost a thousand for the medicare "tax".  That is money that I earned the hard way.

Enough ranting.  It's 72 degrees and it doesn't look things are gonna' change more than 10 or 15 degrees over the next week.  Something ain't right with this picture.   I'm not complaining though.  It beats ice and snow.  

I hit the door running at the sawmill today because there are always lots of sick folks.  You just never know what a day's going to bring and this was no exception.  We just keep on keeping on!

I'm kind of wordless today which seems odd.  It must mean I've purged enough lately to be somewhat at peace.  As the boxes are explored and the memories sorted through,  I'm getting to relive a part of life that I had forgotten.  I'm grateful that my mother and daddy were camera freaks.  

Don't stop thinking about tomorrow ~

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