Friday, January 20, 2017


I'm really happy that everybody played nice today in DC and attended for the media.  What was missing were the crowds outside out in those wide open spaces up front of the capitol building.  I'm honestly not a sore loser and intend to reach across the aisle on more than one occasion to those who might want to know that 1.  I blame Bill Clinton for the economic collapse of our economy because of NAFTA. and 2. I wasn't thrilled about either candidate.  Once Bernie dropped out I was over it.   It wouldn't have even mattered if EW had left her important place in Congress for the race because Putin hacked the whole deal.  In a nutshell.  

I remember the passions of protestors following the collapse of Wall Street.  Yeah, a lot of them were young but they were non-violent and standing up ( or sitting down ) for a cause.  That cause happens to be the way that Wall Street fat cats roll down easy street while us peons work 'til we die.  Remember the great crash?  Lots of suicides up in there.  Someone told me that the protestors in DC were pepper sprayed and I think that's a bit much but who am I to judge.  I mean, the whole world is watching.  

I'm on a strict budget as in rolling pennies only I don't have any rollers. My buddy called today to tell me he misses me which I already know cuz' I'm like everybody's mama.  Come on in y'all.  Patrick has promised to help me with the mailbox if it ever doesn't rain again.  The sun is out now and the humidity is lifting in a stiff breeze.  Windows open at 62 in January.  

Only in TN

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