Sunday, January 22, 2017

the language of letting go

The last time I saw my mother a year ago she was sleeping peacefully with a Babygirl at her side.  There was snow which made for a big mess at the cemetary two days later.  We had already picked out the stone and had her name put there next to Daddy's with only a birthdate for her.  T was here and on duty which was a huge blessing because you can't work there and stay there 24/7.  I was a wreck.  

It took five years for our family to get from there to there and it was a very long span of time where I was on call as healthcare SME for my parents.  As I've mentioned before it was a blessing to be an employee and not some random patient trying to access the system.  That really sucks.  

I'm all Grey's Anatomy right now with some Blacklist mixed in for distraction.  Doreen came to pick up some blood and said something about the flood which was exactly the title of the last episode I watched.  She said she never watched it because it's too much like work after work.  I bet she watches Shameless!

I still hear peepers in January and there's lots of heavy shit going down in the deep south.  Who says global warming ain't real?

Hope ~

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