Friday, January 13, 2017

off the grid

Like many of you I am world weary.  There is too much technology available to all ages that has precluded silence and "just being."  That is holy time and should be fully experienced.  That's what blogging is for me.  It's a vehicle to let my mind wander and tell little stories about this or that.  When I first started I was one of those who bitched all day every day about the war.  It took awhile for me to see that was not good for my soul.  

Also during that time I fell completely head over heels in love, from a distance.  That worked for me because I did my own thing.  We are still friends to this day.  We went through our parents' deaths together.  We know what's up with the kids.  That easy sort of friendship where you don't have to explain a lot because the history is there is something that will always calm a soul.  There's a group of folks that I know would come running if I needed them and he's one.  By the grace of God, I have a large group.  

I went to bed with the air on so it was kind of chilly when I got up and the temp had dropped 30 degrees.  Crazy weather, just saying.  The mist is thick and low like in a horror movie.  If there were corn up it would be the perfect setting for the children to come out as zombies.  

Enjoy your whatever ~

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