Monday, January 23, 2017

voices from the past

My one appointment of the day was with my friend Rachel who is a reporter for the local paper.  She is working on a story about the history of this little community called Samaria Bend.  I was also a person on the street for today's question which just happened to be about one of Trump's picks, namely Betsy DeVos.  Lerd.  Can you say separation of church and state??  I am a firm believer in the public education system so y'all know how that went.  My picture was cute after several tries. 
I'm trying to keep my mind away from this day last year because we were making funeral arrangements and it's still a blur.  Talking about my parents' history here on the farm with Rachel was therapeutic to say the least.  This story will span almost an entire century.  

I got to sleep in today and spent quite a bit of time laying there with the feeling of trying to wake up and not wanting to.  It's like it was a dream and I was stuck in a fog and couldn't move. Fatigue...stress.  Overload.  All of the above.  

The sun is trying to come out following several days of gloomy weather.  I could sure use a pretty sunset this afternoon.  Or a rainbow!

Faith ~


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