Tuesday, January 17, 2017

stand back up

Pride goeth before a fall, I told myself on many an occasion.  Usually it's after the fall that I get the message but today's spirit brought me down a notch or two so as to be a bit more humble, just in case.  You know how you have this creepy feeling that the shit's about to hit the fan?  Umm..yeah. That.  It is precisely when I center down and focus on spirituality and my inner voice.  

I saw the sun today and liked it!  In and out among the clouds old sol peeked and played with folks tired of the misty gloom.  I had a sort of meltdown today.  It's like I have PTSD with certain things and if I'm spoken to in a particular tone of voice I get the willies.  

So it's inauguration week and all that.  It will happen and I will be asleep just like when he was elected.  The sheer number of Republicans who were surprised makes me scared considering the recent revelation that Russia was involved.  Or maybe not.  Perhaps that was just a big fairy story fabricated by the media.  
I'm about to go into House of Cards withdrawals because I finished season 4 and *crickets.  Looking at Blacklist for my next binge.  I actually ordered some books yesterday and not from Amazon, thankyouverymuch.  Atticus Deak got one and there were two for me and Kimmy to share.  

Keep smiling....keep shining ^j^

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