Sunday, January 8, 2017


I have recovered enough that I'm disgusted with the state of my house and intend to get it clean, Soon.  Today I'm digging through the 20 or so boxes that came to me from Casa Grands.  I take after my mother in the sense umm...really not much.  She was organized and I have that proof in my house.  That helps. I found my favorite human interest picture that I've ever taken of Joe Wood and Ernest fishing down at the riverbed.  Some of Daddy and his buds at the last dove hunt.  Mama in England and on other girl trips.  

One stack was all about Daddy's job as a plant specialist with the USDA.  I remember him going to Florida when the boat people came doing inspections for and seizing produce.  That was when his job as a local was phased out and turned into what now is homeland security.  Let that one sink in.  He tracked Japanese beetle, Gypsy Moth and a whole lot more from a tiny office in the basement of Baird Brewer.  

He was also a Paul Harris fellow, Redcoat of the Year at Dyersburg Regional, president of the local UT association, lifetime member of the Dyer Co Fair Association.  He ran around with a bunch of guys who were smartasses like him and had wives that Mom clicked with on the social level.  Pop was one of those guys and he passed not long after my Mom.  

It's good therapy to do this and I'm glad I didn't just jump in there and start throwing shit away.  Mama would be mortified!  As I find pictures from the past I'm making piles with people in mind.  Somebody who might like to see a brief glimpse of what was.  

About to light the sage ^j^ 

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  1. I'm doing a little "pre-cleaning" of my own. After seeing so many friends go through the belongings of their loved ones, I decided I want to make it as easy as I can on mine when the time comes.