Saturday, August 20, 2016

a long story

Sale day went well in spite of periodic monsoon activity.  The usual suspects showed up before opening and after closing and I talked with a whole lot of folk who just came by to say hi and swap history.  Mamye and Teresa were there to help a girl out.  It's thinned out but not empty so maybe there will be more visitors tomorrow when the weather breaks.  

My hands down favorites of the day were a pack of about 7 women one of which is my new best friend in the history of Ferguson/Calcutt farms.  She went to school where Keith's house now sits.  They left Casa Grands in the pouring rain headed to Tiptonville for another sale.  Bless.Their.Hearts.

Mr. Harold was the one who gave me the ugly cry.  He's been a fixture in my life in many ways, beginning with church and continuing into my years as a blood banker.  He always had candy for BG in the fellowship hall of FUMC and volunteered his service to Lifeline like Mark currently does.  Small world.

Danny and Pat live at the dead end by the river and they have a couple of godkids who showed up on bikes and scooters and a four wheeler along with a dog I mistakenly called Billy who is actually Larry.  You know...the brindle beauty.  It was kind of like a funeral visitation of sorts where folks came by to pay respects to our heritage.  That's faith in action.  

There were butterflies everywhere in between showers, flittin' here and there in the cooler breeze.  Becca and her fiancee crawled down into my snake infested basement and picked out two doors and two windows for their wedding backdrop.  There was a two foot snakeskin hanging on the concrete wall over the steps.  UCMTSU.

Anyway, there's still a Mayberry house or two left so I'll have one this Christmas season.  All is well you know.


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