Tuesday, August 23, 2016

the sting

I was walking through the parking lot yesterday and a damn wasp lit right on my index finger of the "good" hand and stung the crap out of me.  It took all day for the swelling to go down.  Of course I totally looked up that totem and it was mostly about procrastination and figuring out how to move on because the time is now.  

This was a long day as we had after hours training for upcoming changes in service delivery.  I picked up some chicken on the way home from work and in between work and work delivered my wedding china to a friend and took down the curtains at Casa Grands.  They are currently residing in Trisha's back seat.  AT the sawmill.  Today is her birthday and so is Natalie's.  Happy happy!!!

The stress is lifting but there was a big fat horse fly buzzing me in the car this morning which means more yada yada is in  my future.   But you know what?

This too shall pass ~

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