Thursday, August 11, 2016

funky finger

Well kids, it's been an eventful day.  Last night after my friends left I got in the shower and slipped while getting out landing me on the left hand.  When I came to my senses I found that the birdie was all crooked and numb.  Hmm.  Keep in mind that I know what the ER is like at 10 PM and the pain wasn't too bad so I just went to sleep with a dead finger. I managed to get to the sawmill a little early and headed to ask for my favorite doc to treat said finger.  There was lidocaine and a little bit of blood and SEVERAL xrays.  After that he pulled the joint back into place and in spite of the swelling, I'm able to type and finished up the day at work.   The black and blue is coming out slowly.

The sinus/dental pain that I've been having is pretty severe now soooooo I headed out to Tracy's this afternoon for a look see.  I was just about to give up the ghost and go home when she took care of my blubbering self.  More xrays.  A shot. Some antibiotics.  Lord only knows what I've got because you know I work at epizootie central.  She even hooked BG up with some help for her eczema.  This is what good healthcare practitioners do.  They are rebels with a cause.

Over and out from the lane.  ^j^


  1. You poor baby. I did meet a man who fell through the glass. He was a mess worse than your black and blue. How bad was the hurt when the doc pulled your finger into place? Did he have to brace himself?

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