Sunday, August 28, 2016

the way we were

Continuing in my live like trailer trash theme, there is a futon laying in the yard that I got sick of looking at and cleaning around.  It was a gift to me many years ago from folks who were kind enough to help a girl out.  Now I'm giving it to some dude for his shop or duck blind.  

Today was busier but not bad and I felt even better so there ya' go.  I can actually feel some of the spring coming back to my step!  One more day and I'll have one off to get the innerwebs restored.  I'm not sure what this blogging by phone is doing to the data but it can't go on forever.

I use an albuterol rescue inhaler for asthma and bought a new one last week which I can't find.  They are pricey even at co-pay because there's no generic.  Once upon a time ( until 2011) you could buy Primatene Mist inhalers OTC at drug stores everywhere.  The government decided to save the ozone *ahem* and require that the propellant be banned.  I know this because you can't find one anywhere which means I'll have to pay full price to replace mine.  The makers of Primatene are being held hostage on the alternative propellant thing by the FDA who is in bed with Big Pharma.  See: Epipen and their mama'n'them.

I read today about the horrific abuse suffered by a 10 year old girl out west in the hands of her own mother and was aghast at the display of mental illness and prison records for these folks.  And you know what?  They're every freakin' where.  Especially in poor places.  The guy who murdered those nuns in Mississippi for God knows what reason is slowly being lowered into hell on a metal elevator which will more than likely pick up those three from New Mexico and get stuck right over the flames.  

What bothered me the most was the voyeurism of the mother who got off on seeing her boyfriend do what he did.  It takes a lot of meth to get that messed up.  Just saying.  Meanwhile the Mexican cartels continue to funnel that and the heroin and the cocaine and the people.  They don't require a license down there for Sudafed.  

This is the day that the Lord has made~let us rejoice!

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