Wednesday, August 3, 2016

all my children

When BG was growing up I was "that mom"....the one who hosted sleepovers that were way too large for my own mental health.  They came, they stayed up all night and they remember the good times which makes me happy.  I ran into one of those kids today who is now a mother to two of her own children.  She is visiting her Pop who is sick and helping out with things a bit.  Never one to miss a chance for a picture, we snuck off and got a cute one privately.  Her grandparents were a couple that ran with my parents over the years and Pop quietly counted off who's left.  And when he said "I miss Uncle Billy" I almost broke into tears.  Me too, honey.  Me too.  Much love to the entire McDivitt clan.  

The heat continues with no relief.  BG has eczema and this kind of weather is the worst in the world for outbreaks because of sweat.  Atopic dermatitis is often inherited and requires periodic bouts of steroid treatment to get things under control.   She has struggled with it all her life to the point that she had to take dosepacks to go to Girl Scout camp.  

I left my Daddy's hospital room on August 3rd of last year not knowing that it would be the last time I saw him alive.  He was sleeping soundly, not in distress and in that between place where physical life ends and the spirit is set free.  Were it not for faith that would be just another ending.  I choose to see it as a new beginning.  

I'm off tomorrow so it's back to the sale agenda for a day.  We are a little over two weeks out and down to the nitty gritty.  Bring it on pickers!

Over and out from the lane ~

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