Thursday, August 18, 2016

basic necessities

That's the name of the gourmet shop around where my brother and his family live up in the Blue Ridge valley.  They're somewhere close to the spot where Elisabeth K Ross established a hospice for HIV patients back in the day.  Around Afton and Walton's mountain.  Good night John Boy!

I met with several clients at Casa Grands after sawmill duty and everybody had a good time picking and playing until I got tired and had to go home.  Which is where I am currently with a cat on the table purring and lusting over the meat on the stove.  Sorry bitch...that's for the dogs.  

Daddy always loved dogs but kept them outside in cages never allowing them to run free except in the pasture.  He always had border collies ( of course ) because hay and cattle.  The craziest I ever saw him was mudding across the road hollering at the cows and banging on the door of his Toyota truck.  

Pierce bought the whole herd when Bubba took over.  Daddy bought his faithful Gator with the proceeds of that sale.  No more fences, thank god.  I have many memories of him out there with tools trying to keep it all under control because it was his watch.  There's this beautiful brindle pit that lives close to the cabin who has been coming to visit.  I think I'll call him Billy.

Grace ~ 

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