Saturday, August 13, 2016

round 2

The sawmill called about six this morning because they thought I was scheduled for today.  Fortunately I passed out at eight last night and got a solid ten hours.  I was supposed to get a haircut but things happened like Gulf coast flooding and me meeting pickers.  I had to hit the gentral first for some dog food.  
They were totally starving in spite of Papa John's leftovers.

Since I was awake, I headed on down to the house where I was met with several up and at 'em folks who did walk throughs.  The one lady's brother was in the AF with Daddy and they hitched rides to Biloxi.  There were two more but she couldn't remember whom.  

I had to leave early but not before meeting up with the lovely Jessica and her mentor.  There is no place like home when the soul is weary.  There's an air show going on down in Lauderdale and I noticed the planes coming across this morning.  WWII...the big one.  

Other than that, I got nothing.  

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  1. I needed a haircut too. Blame not getting it on the Gulf Coast flooding?
    My line is always, "this might be the week I start with the Willie Nelson look.