Thursday, August 4, 2016


I spent the day down at the grands' house meeting pickers and piddling. Even with two ACs going it was hot what with all the activity and was actually a good chance to catch up with old friends.  There's some kind of 17 mile yard sale coming up so Boatwright was all busy figuring out how to double his money.  Marla bought a UT print for her son in law and I have a bag of pink four o clock seeds to drop on her flower bed next pass.  Mom's nurse Tracy wants her bed.  It's all good because I've got two weeks to get her done.  A one week ad in the local paper that will be too tiny to see costs 50 bucks.  Besides, nobody pays a dollar for it except to read Rachel's stories.  They are totally uplifting.

I feel some naproxen coming on, just saying.  Y'all be careful out there.  

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