Wednesday, August 24, 2016

hot spot

Desperate times call for desperate measures which is why I'm using the badass phone for wifi since I have no service via the land line since Sunday.  Of course you have to reserve half a day to have a service tech show up at random so I'm doing this until Tuesday just to get a blog out.  I know right?  I'm addicted.

Today was another meeting of the minds and pickers as buyers came to retrieve their stuff and walk through the sweltering house one.more.time.  Dennis showed up and Vicki and then Joey and Bubba and them.  That's when I hightailed it to my place on the hill where there's air and clothes to wash.  I ran into Kevin at the chicken store today and told him I'd never been so glad NOT to see somebody as him.  That was after I made the first payment on my washer and bought a soy candle during my lunch break.

We all have trials and tribulations but at least we're not in the rubble of an earthquake, yet.  The earth is shifting and all the homeland security in the world is for naught unless we reach out and help someone close to home.  It's what Jesus would do.  

Faith ~ Hope~Love

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