Saturday, August 6, 2016

dog and butterfly

Thanks to sweet baby jeebus, the clouds have gathered and the temp didn't go past 90 today.    It's the little things that make me humble.  My current totem is a mish mash of lizard, moth and wild turkey.  So far no snake sightings but it ain't over til the fat lady sings.  The neighbor has noticed an increase in random traffic on our DEAD END driveway so she called the law for extra patrol.  I told her it was probably people who have weed planted in the corn!  Dumbasses.'

Speaking of Weeds, I'm starting all the way back to when Shane was Strange Botwin and Celia and Nancy became umm..not sure what except a trainwreck, each of them in a different way.  I'm a big Nealon fan from SNL days so there's that to enjoy.  

My friends Larry, Vicki and Paula came shopping at Casa Grands after I got off today.  It was hot as hell because the AC stays off until I get there.  Vicki's mama just died recently so she's kind of feeling the pain herself.  Georgia had fun running up and down the stairs.  And I pulled off more freaking stickers!

I've put on 8 pounds which doesn't seem like much except I feel it in the old mid-section so it's time to slack up on the eating.  For so long I just didn't care about eating because nothing sounded good.  That was depression and resulted in a 30 pound weight loss over several years.  People told me I looked sick.  I did and I was.  

It's my time and it's now ~

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