Sunday, August 14, 2016

the long way home

I've spent my weekend off at Casa Grands working on the liquidation of their assets.  My friends came out to help and we managed to get a lot of stuff moved plus had fun in the process.  It was an all day event involving heavy rain.

The more I poke around and look the more I'm glad that I'm not a hoarder.  I could never be one of those folks who runs sales all the time looking for a bargain.  Most of what my parents have was purchased at top dollar when the money was still good.  I actually threw 20 years worth of boxed National Geographic volumes in the floor so we could move the cabinets containing them downstairs.  Somebody will have to climb and do the rest.  I'm over it.

It's really good therapy to do this.  My parents both died one after the other in the past year.  They had lived in the log cabin since I was a year old.  My next birthday will be my first as an orphan.  Only 61!

I knew as it was unfolding what the end game would be.  We have lived here for 60 something years by the grace of God.  My father was the manager of this piece of paradise for many many years.  When he became unable to perform, Bubba stepped up.  That's one of his three jobs.  I'm glad I just have one even if it aggravates me at times.  

BG comes out of blackout tomorrow so I reckon I'll drive my ass to Jackson in the trusty Camry to see her soon.  One of my customers was a young lady who was on her first 8 hour pass from a local rehab faciity.  Her mentor is an old picker friend and they bought the cotton bookends plus the quilt rack. 
 Wonders never cease.

My whole left side hurts, especially the birdie and hand.  Plus, I didn't realize it but I hit my head too.  Yow!  Right about now i'm doing chair yoga and stretching.  It's the natural way to heal.  


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  1. Have to say that house was one of the warmest places emotionally I had ever been in at that time, and you and your parents made it that way. Funny how I remember all the National Geographics even now. Be safe.